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Dental Phobia


Fear is a problem that plagues many people. Some may experience anxiety for therapies, others feel uneasy about the close relationship that is created with your dentist. Often these fears are due to unpleasant experiences of children and can occur in different degrees from simple nervousness to the true phobia. We are attentive to the problems of our patients and we realize that fear is an issue to be taken into consideration and we are prepared to help our patients..

Often it is just a matter of not thinking about it! It sounds too simple to be effective but relax and have confidence in your doctor are the basics to enjoy the care and attention of your dentist: Trust your doctor, is close to you and will take care of you; Concentrated in relaxing the body, remove all tension; Breathe deeply and slowly through the nose; Keep your eyes open and make your mind wander, you have some time just for yourself, then STOP nothing 'your thoughts; If you prefer to bring your music player, you can enjoy your favorite music while we take care of your health.

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