Call Center: 01273-605555 | Emergency: 01273-486444

  Call Center: 01273-605555   |   Emergency: 01273-486444

Health Center

1.The Health Center Building is situated outside the centre of the campus 2.The nearest mainline station is Falmer 3.There is a bus stop within 150m of the venue

4.Parking is free for Blue Badge holders

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  • 1° Visit at Dentalfalmer +

    New patient only : Exam, Xray and theet polishing at special price. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Some restricton
  • Theet Whitening +

    Special Promotion: 50% OFF - 1 Hour theet whitening Special in-office chair-side only
  • Implant Promotions +

    We offer several implant solution! All implant procedures are supervised by the DentalFalmer Specialist
  • Invisalign Special +

    Get your Theet strighter with invisalign treatment with 50% discount
  • Prevention +

    call us and make an appointment or alternatively click on "schedule an appointment" for booking with our specialist !
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 Emergency: 1273 486444

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